Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Tiny Teddies Red Hat Meeting For Valentine's Day.

[Post By Tiny Ted, In Disguise As Phyllis Vonda.] Dear Diary, Today was another meeting of the Tiny Teddies Red Hat Society. I am the Queen Mother, and lead the meetings. Because Valentine's Day is coming up, I chose that as the theme for this month's meeting. We had a nice Valentine's lunch. Everything was red or pink! We had pink lemonade to drink, (although some of the girls wished it was pink champagne) Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce, sliced beets, and Pink Cheesecake for dessert with Red Cherry Sauce on top. (I LOVE CHERRIES!) The dinner was served on Antique Pink Depression Era Glassware. Pink and Red roses were in the centerpiece and purple ribbons hug down from it. After the dinner, we all took turns telling a story of how we met our sweeties. One of us met her husband on a blind date, another met hers at school. One was her brother's friend, and one met hers at church. It was all very interesting, and fun to hear the different stories. As we were talking we also made necklaces from alphabet beads just for fun. I spelled out "LUV YOU" with mine to fit the Valentine theme. So once again, we Tiny Teddies had another great day. I sure love this group! Until next time, Good-Night, Dear Diary. ~Phyllis Vonda~ (Tiny Ted)

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