Thursday, February 05, 2009

This Photo Of Tiny Ted And Mike With Sweet Violets Is Today's Featured Photo Of The Day In Toys At Webshots.

[Post By Tiny Ted and Mike.] Dear Diary, Today we have another Photo Featured at Webshots in Toys. We've had a couple of featured photos lately. We must be getting some regular fans there. It's always so nice and surprising when that happens. It sure brightens up an otherwise ordinary day! I like this photo especially, because it was taken on a lovely spring day, and Mike and I had just picked this bouquet of Sweet Violets. They are so pretty. There are purple ones, and stripey ones, and the one at the top has freckles. They are all variations of wild Violets that grow as a native plant here in Illinois. Carol Jean tells us that they're the official State flower for Illinois, and Wisconsin. When CJ was a little girl, she used to pick a handful of flowers every day for her mother, and she would put them in a little jelly glass on the kitchen table. Sometimes it was Violets, sometimes Clover, and sometimes just Dandelions. There were also heavenly smelling Lily Of The Valley flowers, and Ferns and anything else that Carol Jean could find. She loves flowers, and did, even when she was just a tiny girl. And it's nice to know that she still picks Sweet Violets and puts them in a jelly jar. Good-Night, Dear Diary, Tiny Ted and Mike.~


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol Jean, it was such a pleasure to watch the slide show again! All the pictures are arranged so nicely. Thank you for sharing says your friend from Vienna (Austria), Vera

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