Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flocks, A Vintage 1910 Miniature Steiff Teddy Bear Serves Tea In The Garden. Photos Featured At Webshots.

[Post By Flocks.] Dearest Diary, Today was such an enjoyable day. I rested in the garden with my dog Binky on my lap and was overcome by the beauty of the flowers around me. As we sat there, my neighbor Theodora came by for a visit, and I invited her to join us for tea. Theodora is always a delightful guest. We both love gardens and have a lot in common to talk about. As we talked, Binky chased butterflies at our feet. Luckily she's too small to jump high enough to catch them, but she's fun to watch anyway. She's so joyful in everything she sets out to do. It's impossible to be depressed when she's around. She's such a darling little thing. After Theodora went home, I brought out the bird cage so Peepers would have a chance to enjoy the garden too. Binky took a nap in the chair while I got caught up with my Diary entries. It was a lovely day, and I look forward to many more such days now that spring is here. Good-Night, Dearest Diary. ~Flocks~ [These three photos were featured this month at Webshots under the topic of Toys. The background used in these photos is an oil painting circa 1925 by my Grandfather V.V. Headland. I like to think that he would be very happy to know that I've been using his paintings in some of my photos, and that they are seen all around the world. Thank you, Grampa! CJ]

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