Saturday, February 28, 2009

Flocks, A Vintage 1910 Miniature Steiff Teddy Bear Serves Tea In The Garden. Photos Featured At Webshots.

[Post By Flocks.] Dearest Diary, Today was such an enjoyable day. I rested in the garden with my dog Binky on my lap and was overcome by the beauty of the flowers around me. As we sat there, my neighbor Theodora came by for a visit, and I invited her to join us for tea. Theodora is always a delightful guest. We both love gardens and have a lot in common to talk about. As we talked, Binky chased butterflies at our feet. Luckily she's too small to jump high enough to catch them, but she's fun to watch anyway. She's so joyful in everything she sets out to do. It's impossible to be depressed when she's around. She's such a darling little thing. After Theodora went home, I brought out the bird cage so Peepers would have a chance to enjoy the garden too. Binky took a nap in the chair while I got caught up with my Diary entries. It was a lovely day, and I look forward to many more such days now that spring is here. Good-Night, Dearest Diary. ~Flocks~ [These three photos were featured this month at Webshots under the topic of Toys. The background used in these photos is an oil painting circa 1925 by my Grandfather V.V. Headland. I like to think that he would be very happy to know that I've been using his paintings in some of my photos, and that they are seen all around the world. Thank you, Grampa! CJ]

Monday, February 09, 2009

Come View Carol Jean's Photo Album, Valentine Teddy Bears At Webshots.

[Post by Steve and Dean, two 3 inch Vintage Steiff Miniature Bendy Teddy Bears, Circa 1960's.] Today we bendy bears helped Carol Jean by posing for our Valentine portraits in the garden. We each held tiny Valentine hearts and put on our biggest smiles. CJ thought we were just adorable. Valentine's Day is only a few days away, and she has made an album of us bears with Valentines and hearts and flowers, just right for sending Valentine Greetings to our friends. The photos can also be used as screen savers. All you have to do is go to the sidebar at the left of this page, and click on my photo. That will take you to Webshots. First it will play a slide show of the Valentine photos, and then if you want to, you can just go to her albums or sign up at Webshots to get free screen savers and send e-cards. It's easy, and fun for the whole family. We hope to see you there! And don't forget to leave us a message! Valentine Greetings to you all, from us Teddy Bears at The Teddy Bear Diaries.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

This Photo Of Tiny Ted And Mike With Sweet Violets Is Today's Featured Photo Of The Day In Toys At Webshots.

[Post By Tiny Ted and Mike.] Dear Diary, Today we have another Photo Featured at Webshots in Toys. We've had a couple of featured photos lately. We must be getting some regular fans there. It's always so nice and surprising when that happens. It sure brightens up an otherwise ordinary day! I like this photo especially, because it was taken on a lovely spring day, and Mike and I had just picked this bouquet of Sweet Violets. They are so pretty. There are purple ones, and stripey ones, and the one at the top has freckles. They are all variations of wild Violets that grow as a native plant here in Illinois. Carol Jean tells us that they're the official State flower for Illinois, and Wisconsin. When CJ was a little girl, she used to pick a handful of flowers every day for her mother, and she would put them in a little jelly glass on the kitchen table. Sometimes it was Violets, sometimes Clover, and sometimes just Dandelions. There were also heavenly smelling Lily Of The Valley flowers, and Ferns and anything else that Carol Jean could find. She loves flowers, and did, even when she was just a tiny girl. And it's nice to know that she still picks Sweet Violets and puts them in a jelly jar. Good-Night, Dear Diary, Tiny Ted and Mike.~

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The Tiny Teddies Red Hat Meeting For Valentine's Day.

[Post By Tiny Ted, In Disguise As Phyllis Vonda.] Dear Diary, Today was another meeting of the Tiny Teddies Red Hat Society. I am the Queen Mother, and lead the meetings. Because Valentine's Day is coming up, I chose that as the theme for this month's meeting. We had a nice Valentine's lunch. Everything was red or pink! We had pink lemonade to drink, (although some of the girls wished it was pink champagne) Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce, sliced beets, and Pink Cheesecake for dessert with Red Cherry Sauce on top. (I LOVE CHERRIES!) The dinner was served on Antique Pink Depression Era Glassware. Pink and Red roses were in the centerpiece and purple ribbons hug down from it. After the dinner, we all took turns telling a story of how we met our sweeties. One of us met her husband on a blind date, another met hers at school. One was her brother's friend, and one met hers at church. It was all very interesting, and fun to hear the different stories. As we were talking we also made necklaces from alphabet beads just for fun. I spelled out "LUV YOU" with mine to fit the Valentine theme. So once again, we Tiny Teddies had another great day. I sure love this group! Until next time, Good-Night, Dear Diary. ~Phyllis Vonda~ (Tiny Ted)

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Maximilian Shows Off His Dr. Who Scarf. (32" Steiff Teddy Bear.)

[Post By Maximilian.] Dear Diary, Today I was helping CJ clean out the closets. She has lots of interesting things stored in there. One thing that I was very excited to see was this cool neck scarf. CJ told me that it was her Dr. Who scarf! I love Dr. Who! She said that in the late 1970's, Tom Baker played Dr. Who, and he had a long trailing knitted neck scarf. The color of his scarf was brown and orange. CJ said that she wanted a scarf like it herself, only she doesn't like orange. Also, her jacket at the time was blue, so she decided to make her scarf blue, with black, white and tan. She made it as long as she could, but not so long that it would hang down beneath her jacket. I think it's funny to think of her wearing this scarf and thinking of Dr. Who! She let me try it on, and said it looked so stunning on me that I could keep it! How great is that? Now all I need is a Tardis and a Sonic Screwdriver and I'll be ready to time travel with the Time Lords. Here's a photo of me wearing the scarf. Aren't I handsome? Next to me is the little Bliss Doll House Replica called Teddy Towers that the Tiny Teddies live in. You can see how small the house is, and compared to my size, you can imagine how tiny the little bears really are. I'm 32" tall, and they are only 3 1/2" tall. They would fit in my open paw. So anyway, CJ's happy to have a clean closet, and I'm happy to add something to my wardrobe, and a one-of-a-kind item it is too! Well, time for bed now, Dear Diary...Good-Night. *Maximilian*