Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tiny 3 1/2 inch Steiff Teddy Bears Celebrate Christmas.

[Post by Tiny Ted] Dear Diary, Oh, we had such a jolly time for Christmas this year! First, I visited Little Ed and he read out loud the story of How The Grinch Stole Christmas. That was so funny! But that Grinch is very Grinchy. You would never see a Teddy Bear behave so badly, I can tell you! While Little Ed read,(hey, that rhymes!) I looked at his Christmas cards on the fire place mantle. I love to get cards from my friends. Some of them live so far away, but it's nice to know someone is thinking about you, isn't it?

After visiting Little Ed, I returned home to decorate my tree for Christmas. Little Bear came by to see how it was going. On the table beside me was my photo of my Teddy Bear girlfriend Veronica, who lives in Vienna. We are only pen pals, because it's too far for either of us to travel, but I love her anyway. (Merry Christmas Veronica! Tiny Bear Hugs And Kisses To You Too. Tiny Ted.)

I had to climb up on a chair on top of a bench to reach high enough to put the star on the tree. I was very high up and thought it would have been nice if Little Bear would give me a hand, but he was busy eating the Christmas cookies that I'd set out for Santa! I made him leave some of them though. Just as we finished decorating the tree, guess what happened? Santa came down the chimney and popped into my living room, just like that! I was so startled. I thought Santa would only come after we were asleep in bed, but he explained that so many children and Teddy Bears has been extra good this year, that his sleigh was overflowing with presents, and he was going to have to make two trips! So he was getting an early start on delivering his packages, and that was alright with me. I'd always wanted to meet Santa. He's just as nice and jolly as the stories tell you. He filled our stockings and gave us lots of presents, and then he ate his cookies and cocoa that we had made for him. We all had a lovely visit. Then it was time for Santa to continue on his rounds, so he wiggled his nose, and winked his eye, and whoosh, up the chimney he went, and we could hear him calling from the rooftop, Merry Christmas To All, And To All A Good-Night! And with that, I'll wish you Good-Night too, Dear Diary! And a Merry Christmas too! ~Love, Tiny Ted~

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