Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Tiny Teddies Pose In The Last Of The Fall Leaves. (3 1/2" Miniature Vintage Steiff Bears.)

Dear Diary, I (Tiny Ted on the left), and my friends (clockwise from Ted, are Percy, Goldie and Little Ed), spent a beautiful day in the garden. The leaves have almost all fallen now and there is a chill in the air. The sun came out for a bit, and we had our photos taken together in the last rays of the sun. The colors of the fallen leaves are so pretty. It's too bad we can't keep them forever. Our friend Carol Jean is making a Maple Leaf Quilt and is going to give directions for making the blocks in her Quilting Blog, Loving Stitches By Carol Jean. The link to her blog is included on the sidebar of this blog. She has taken photos of the leaves and trees, and bought quilting fabric that she matched to some leaves she took with her to the fabric store. It will be a beautiful quilt. The Tiny Teddies and the Tiny Teddies Sewing Circle may even make a quilt with the scraps left over from Carol Jean's blocks. But first she says all these leaves have to be raked up and carried out to the street! I'm afraid we're too small to be much help there. Three and a half inch bears would get lost in all those leaves! It will be nice when all the work is done and we can help Carol Jean with her winter sewing projects. Warm quilts make a cold winter seem so much nicer. We're actually looking forward to winter this year. I hope it's a nice one! Good-night, Dear Diary. -Tiny Ted-


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hullo! Thank yu for yor vizit! It is wunderful to meet uther bloggin BEars!

I do envy yu- yu wer abol to go owt in the garden today? It waz too wet heer! I do hav boots, but wun ov them allways falls off, an then my fut gets wet. I don't like that. Bearrissity an wetness don't reelly mix, do they?

Pleez keep in tutch now we hav fownd eech uther! I must add yor link to my blog roll!

Oh! AN I ment to say, I am a tad worreed bowt that wee Bear up the tree. I meen, up a tree at 60+ yeers old? Is he OK?

(Waz he jus doin a poo? In wich cayse, pleez excewse me. Ahem. I kno wat it's like to hav a tree preference for that sorta thing.)

Bob T Bear (esq)


Carol Jean / Lovethemsteiff said...

Hi Bob, It's good to hear from you! Yes, today it was cold here, but that photo is a couple of days old. And no, bears should not get wet. Our bear Quirky has some boots too. He also has some other nice clothes. He's been waiting his turn to be featured on the Blog, and he wants to show off his outfits. I told him he will get a chance for that soon.

We would love to be included in your blog roll! We will add you to ours! Yes, Lovey likes to climb trees, even at 60+ years old, but this tree was awful big and he needed some help getting back down again. And no, he was not taking a Poo! He did not take his Charmin with him! LOL.. By the way, we all love your Blog and laugh at it all the time. Quirky especially would like to be pen friends with you. You two are about the same size and he goes with me to a lot of fun places. He'll post photos soon. Nice to meet you! Have a Beary Good Day! Carol Jean and The Teddies.

[From Quirky, Hey-yo! Nice to meet another bear from the UK. I came from the Teddy Bear Store, Teddy Bears of Witney in England. I'll post photos soon so we can get to know each other. Then we can be Paw-Pals! Later, Quirky.]