Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Three Bears In A Pumpkin Patch.

[Post by Wilson, the largest bear.} Hello Diary, Today us three bears visited a pumpkin patch in LeClaire Iowa, down near the Mississippi River. I love the color Orange, because My color is Orange! So I thought I looked particularly handsome in among the pumpkins. My two Steiff friends, Teddy and Little Bear went along for the ride. Little Bear chose a pretty pumpkin that was Very Orange and Very Round. We thought it would make a marvelous Jack-O-Lantern for Halloween this year. We rested on some hay bales and watched the river flow by. But it was hard to get comfortable, because the hay tickled my butt! I just can't wait for Halloween! I love Trick-Or-Treat candy! We had a fun day today. Good-night, Dear Diary, Wilson (Wilson was made by Teddy Bear Artist Heidi Steiner, and originally named Zeb. When he watched the movie "Cast Away" with Tom Hanks, he was impressed by the bravery of the basket ball named Wilson, and so he changed his name to Wilson! ~Carol Jean~)

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Vera said...

Wilson is so lovely. I like the way he reports about the pumpkins. A beautiful picture, Wilson with friends and pumpkins. Thank you for sharing, dear Carol Jean!