Sunday, October 05, 2008

Pocket Lint Ted, A Friend For Life!

This is my dear little three inch bear "Pocket Lint Ted". He's a Steiff Bendy Teddy Bear from the 1960's. He has such a sweet little face. When I purchased him at a Toy Show a few years ago, he already showed some signs of wear, and his arms and legs were no longer bendable. I found he fits comfortably in my jeans pocket. I often take him out and hold him in my hand when I need a little moral support, or when I'm having a fleeting pain. Whenever I pull him from my pocket, he always has a bit of pocket lint stuck to him, so that's why I call him, "Pocket Lint Ted". So, then I dust him off a bit, give him a little squeeze and a kiss on the forehead for Luck. I can't get through the day without him. Steiff has always made tiny mascot bears, and one of Steiff's slogans is "Steiff, A Friend For Life". I think this is really true. I hope you have such a friend in your life. Tiny Bear Hugs To You All, Carol Jean ~


Lynda (Granny K) said...

What a sweetie Pocket Lint Ted is! I'm glad you found him! Bears make life 'more bearable', I find.

Bumpkin Bears said...

I can relate so much to how you feel about your bears and how they really do help you through - that for me is what teddy bears are all about :) beary hugs, Catherine x

Vera said...

A sweet little bear! I send him a hug :-) Love, Vera