Sunday, October 05, 2008

My Most Embarrassing Teddy Bear Moment.

Meet "Saggy Bear". He's a 14-1/2 inch Mohair bear made by Teddy Bear Artist, Jennie Rettig - 1995. (At least I think that's what the tag says. It's written with a black marker on a strip of leather attached to his back, and the lettering's almost worn off.) Saggy is filled with a mixture of stuffing and pellets, so he has a lot of weight, but he's still sort of scrunchable and huggable. His pads are of Felt with small holes cut into them to make them look worn. The feet are stuffed with straw and the straw shows through the holes. In a couple of places, this straw was scratchy to my hand, so I placed scraps of antique homespun plaid fabric in the holes to cover the straw. I worked it in with the tip of a metal nail-file. I think the homespun adds to his charm. He has a lovely, endearing face, and he's a special friend of mine and goes everywhere with me. Because of this, he was the cause of my Most Embarrassing Teddy Bear Moment! Here is the story...

I sometimes feel a bit silly when I take my Hug of Bears with me to the park or riverside. I always think people must think I'm crazy! I always carry a Teddy Bear with me. I have a small Steiff Bendy Bear in my pants pocket named "Pocket Lint Ted" and I usually carry "Saggy Bear" with me in the top of my open purse. He lays on a quilt I made for him. Well, I had open heart surgery 9 years ago, and couldn't stand to have the seat belt in the car go across my chest. So I started putting Saggy Bear between me and the seat belt strap. I also rest my chin on him sometimes or hug him a bit. My husband's driving can make me nervous, so Saggy is used to me pulling on his legs as I hang on for dear life! One time we were in the drive through at the bank and I had Saggy between me and the seat belt. As we were waiting for the two girls inside the window to cash our check, we overheard one of the girls say to the other one, "What's that she has there? Is that a Teddy Bear? When's the last time you saw a grown woman with a Teddy Bear?" Then we heard a little giggling. So my husband turned and said to me, loud enough that it could be heard inside the bank box through the speaker, "They don't know that we can hear everything they say in there!" It was so embarrassing! Now every time we go through the bank drive through, I hide my bear in my purse! I felt that I had the bear there for medical reasons to act as a pillow and they shouldn't have been judging me. That kind of hurt. But now I'm often seen with bears, because I also photograph them, and I take them into all sorts of places. I don't care what people think anymore. "Teddy Bears Make Life Bearable." And I'm having much more fun than the people around me who are "Bearless". Take care, Bear Hugs, Carol Jean

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All Bear said...

What a beautiful bear picture! It's such a pleasure to stumble across a dedicated collectors' blog and such a privilege to share your hug in this way!