Friday, October 10, 2008

Mt Five Favorite Bears On A Bench.

Hi! I just wanted to share that this photo is featured at Webshots today, under Home and Garden, sub group Toys. The bears are, from left to right, back to front, Clarence, an artist bear, Bo, a Steiff, Scruffy, a Johanna Haida bear, Little Charlie, an artist bear, and Constant O'Malley, a Steiff. All of these bears have been through a lot with me...Charlie went with me on Vacation, Scruffy went in an ambulance with me to the hospital where we stayed for a week, Constant O'Malley watched a tornado go by with me from the front porch one time, and he went with me to my Mother's funeral. Clarence just likes to sit in the chair by me and talk. And Bo is my everything bear. He's been everywhere, and he sits by me while I work on my computer and gives me his Beary Best Advice. He's a wise old thing, and I love the way he smells of old sawdust. ~Carol Jean / Lovethemsteiff~


Vera said...

Congratulations on the popularity of both your bears and pictures! Greetings from Vienna, Vera

Lynda (Granny K) said...

They are special bears indeed! Have a good weekend Carol Jean :o)