Monday, October 27, 2008

Little Bear's Halloween Adventure. ( 3" Vintage Miniature Steiff Teddy.)

Dear Diary, Today I, Little Bear, went to the woods for a picnic. I had brought bread, wine, cheese and candied pumpkins for desert. I carefully laid everything out on a rug and waited for my friend Thumblina to arrive as she was going to have lunch with me there under the trees. When Thumblina arrived, suddenly out jumped Dracula from behind a bush! He chased Thumblina and she climbed up onto the picnic tin where he couldn't reach her. "Help, Help," she cried. "I will save you" I said, and bounded forward fearlessly. Dracula wasn't prepared for the heroism of an angry Teddy Bear, and retreated the scene, saying, "Curses, Foiled Again!" Then Thumblina threw her arms around my neck, saying, "My Hero!" I was so proud and have to admit I even blushed a little. It was a great day! Good-night, Dear Diary -Little Bear-


Lynda (Granny K) said...

Whew! Scary! :o)

Vera said...

Thank you, dear Little Bear, for the exciting story! Yes, you are a hero! Greetings from Vienna, Vera

Bumpkin Bears said...

what a brave bear! Hugs, Catherine x