Sunday, September 21, 2008

Visit My Christian Blog, Love Bears All Things.

Hello Friends, I'd like to share that I just began a second Blog. It's called, Love Bears All Things. It's a Christian Blog, and has Encouraging Scriptures, Thoughts, Prayers, Poems and so on. It will usually contain some of what I've been studying that day or week. I tend to wander around my Bible, letting God lead me to find what I need for that day. The Blog also has lots of photos of my Garden, my Dogs, some Bears, and other things. I think you'd enjoy it. Just click on the link in the blue sidebar at the left side of this Homepage for a closer look. May God Bless You All Today. Bear Hugs, Carol Jean / lovethemsteiff (This photo is of my Bible Cover. I thought of the name for the Blog before I found the cover. I just had to have something with Bear in the title!)

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