Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Vintage Bear "Smiley" Joins A Civil War Era China Head Doll.

A Pretty Pair...See the post from a few days ago on August 30th, to learn more about the Vintage Bear "Smiley". Here he's shown with one of his good friends, a Civil War Era China Head Doll that was purchased at the same Toy Show as the bear, in Maquoketa, Iowa a few years ago. The hairstyle (Called a Flattop Hairstyle) of the Doll tells us that she is from around the 1860's. Her body crumbled away many years ago and has been replaced with a new one. This doesn't effect the value of the doll significantly, because a doll who's leaking sawdust is not very desirable. I made the Miniature Doll Quilt using 1 inch squares of reproduction fabrics and Homespun Plaids. ~Lovethemsteiff~


Lynda (Granny K) said...

What a gorgeous face Smiley has! My grandmother used to paint dolls' faces for a living when she was young.

lovethemsteiff said...

Hi Lynda, Smiley says thank you for the compliment! That's a very interesting story about your Grandmother. I know they used a lot of young people to do the face painting on these dolls. Thanks for the comment. Lovethemsteiff

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hi again Carol, My grandmother was born in 1886! I have put a link on the Friendly Co. of Bears to a picture of young paintresses at work circa 1900 - 1910, I thought you might find it interesting.
Regards, Lynda