Thursday, September 04, 2008

Two Teddy Bears Do A Mexican Hat Dance.

Dear Diary, Today I (Constant O'Malley) and my good friend Saggy bear accompanied Lovethemsteiff and her sister out for dinner. (We were their dates!) We chose a very good Mexican Restaurant, Carlos O'Kelly's and we shared the Nachos Grande. It was extremely good! I love the Ce so Cheese Sauce and beans the best. Saggy bear got a bite with a lot of Hot Jalapeno Peppers in it and boy did his face turn red! It was funny! He took a big drink of his Root Beer to wash it down. After dinner was cleared away, the waiter, Chris, was kind enough to let us examine one of the Gorgeous Mexican Sombreros that were decorating the walls. But first, Chris tried it on for us and we laughed as he did a little dance with it on, clicking his fingers as he did so. Then he placed the hat on the table and us bears did our best to do a Mexican Hat Dance. The hat was just the right size for us to dance upon. We all had a very good time and I hope we get to do it again someday. Good-Night, Dear Diary. ~Constant O'Malley~

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