Monday, September 01, 2008

Six Tiny 3 1/2 Inch Steiff Teddy Bears Go Off To School.

Here go six Tiny Teddies off to school in My Little Yellow Bus. They are, from left to right, front row, Tiny Ted, Little Ed, and Baby Bear. Back row, left to right, we have Golda, Little Ted, and Mike. They're traveling down a brick road on their first day of school. They're so excited to see what they can learn. Maybe their Twice Times Twos, and their A B Cs, and perhaps they'll do some finger painting, and oh, all sorts of fun things. Baby Bear brought his sack lunch with him, but forgot it was on the seat and sat on it. For the rest of the day he smelled like Bananas. Let's hope he has a better start to the day tomorrow. Good-Night, little bears. ~Lovethemsteiff~

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