Thursday, September 04, 2008

Six China Head Dolls And Two Miniature Steiff Club Bears Have Their Portraits Taken.

Dear Diary, Today us two Steiff Club Miniature Bears, (Teddy and Bear) visited Lovethemsteiff's China Head Dolls. Not everyone knows that Dolls and Bears get along very well, if they can find where they have something in common. Tea Parties are always a good thing that we both enjoy, and just being in the garden. It was a fine day today, and we decided to sit for a group portrait. The dolls wanted me to tell you that the three dolls in the front of the photo are from the American Civil War period. You can tell by their "Flat Top" hairstyles. The doll on the left in the front looks like Jenny Lind, The Swedish Nightingale. She was a famous and much loved Swedish singer in the 19 th century. Lovethemsteiff's grandmother Helen Headland wrote a book about Jenny Lind a long time ago, and the book has been re-published and can still be purchased today. It was surprising to find a genuine antique China Head doll of Jenny Lind with a pink dress, and realize that Lovethemsteiff had dressed her doll the very same way. The three dolls in the back row are called "Low Brows" because their curls come down low on their foreheads. The blond color hair is less common. These dolls were made from the 1880's or so to around 1910. You can tell by the care put into the face paint that these are in the older range. The two dolls on either end of the back row are wearing parts of their original outfits with new pieces added. I like to hear the dolls tell of how they lived in the old Pioneer days and traveled across country in covered wagons. Children had fewer toys in those days, and these China Head Dolls were treasured possessions...just like us Teddy Bears were for later generations. Lovethemsteiff has a favorite saying..."It's never too late to have a happy childhood." I believe she's right! Good-Night, Dear Diary, Teddy.

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