Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mr. Sanders Plays With The Tiny Steiff Teddies On His Boat.

Dear Diary, Today, I (Tiny Ted), and my friends, Mike, Baby Bear, Golda, Little Ted and Little Ed, (all 3 1/2 inch Vintage Steiff Miniature Bears From Germany), were invited on a boat trip with our friend Mr. Sanders. (Mr. Sanders is a Herman Bear from Germany.) He is a great boats man and often races his boat on the lake in competition, so we knew we were in good hands. It was a beautiful day for boating, with a gentle breeze, but not so strong as to tip the boat over! We sailed around the lake for while and listened to the water slapping the sides of the boat. The gentle rocking from the waves and the caressing breeze all worked together to make me fall asleep. If it hadn't been for Mr. Sanders keeping watch, I may have fallen over the side! But everything was safe with him there. After an hour or so we decided we'd better return to shore, before we all developed a sun burn. Baby Bear was relieved to get back, because he's been watching Gilligan's Island on TV lately, and thought we might get shipwrecked on a deserted island! But Mr. Sanders reassured him that there were no deserted islands on this lake. Once we'd returned to shore, we discovered a picnic lunch had been prepared for us by Mr. Sanders before we left. We ate peanut butter and banana sandwiches, corn on the cob, chocolate chip cookies, and lemonade. Once we had eaten, we all lay down on the warm grass and watched the clouds roll by. Baby Bear and Little Ted both fell asleep and I did too, for a bit. Then it was time to go home. So we gathered up the picnic things and Mr. Sanders picked up his boat. Then we all had a nice walk home. It was a memorable day, and I hope he asks us again sometime. Boy, I'll have a good night's sleep tonight! Good-Night, Dear Diary. Tiny Ted

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Anonymous said...

Lovely story - you know how I like sailing. DeeDee