Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vintage Teddy Bears In My Kitchen. (A Chiltern and 3 Steiffs.)

Here are four bears from my personal collection which are on display in my kitchen. From left to right, there is Edward, a 12 inch circa 1940's Chiltern bear from England. All of the bears in this photo are made of Mohair Plush and stuffed with straw, or sawdust, except for this bear who has some soft suffing mixed in. Edward has a very endearing face and a permanent tilt to his head which makes him look both inquisitive and comical. He is missing most of his fur from being well loved, but is otherwise in good condition. He finds he sees better while wearing glasses. The pin attached to his vintage black ribbon says Roosevelt. The second bear is a 10 inch Steiff Teddy named Sweet Bear, circa 1950's. He is well loved, wears an expectant expression, a replacement blue ribbon and loves to give hugs. He's a comforting sort of bear. Next to him is a 6 inch Steiff Bear named Buddy, circa 1950's, who was discovered at a country club antique sale in New England. A very proper bear. He fits nicely in my hand and gives emotional support when the doctor has to give me a shot in the arm. He's very brave! He's wearing his original peach colored ribbon. Then finally on the right is an early Steiff Teddy, 13 inches tall, circa 1940's? (It's very hard to date a Steiff bear too accurately because the styles evolved over time and also every bear has it's own personality and look.) This bear is missing most of his fur, and is rather fragile so I call him Thread Bear. His body has taken on a lopsided look from being always held in the same position by his original child. Often you can tell how the bear was held by where his bald patches lie. I feel he has a romantic heart and it leads me to believe his original child was a girl and he was given lots of kisses and hugs. I know he misses his girl, and I wonder where she is now. I just hope that where ever she is, she knows that someone is taking good care of her bear. ~Lovethemsteiff~

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