Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vintage Photo Of A Little Girl, Her Grandma and Her Teddy Bear.

Here is a sweet vintage photo of a darling curly headed girl and her bear, resting in her Grandmother's arms. The bear looks very much like my Steiff bear Sweet Bear shown in the photo below. (Maybe it's the same bear! Who knows?) The little girl has such an innocent expression and shows such love and trust for her Grandmother that this photo just warms my heart. I can see that although the Grandmother has her hair pulled tightly back, she has the same waves and curls as the little girl. From her face I can see that she just dotes on the child and perhaps she's the one who gave the girl the bear. I can imagine this girl could be Goldilocks from the Three Bears story, can't you? If so, she would be too innocent to know she was doing anything wrong when she visited the three bears. She was just hungry and tired from wandering around in the woods all day. *Lovethemsteiff*

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