Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tiny Ted (A 3 1/2" Vintage Steiff Teddy Bear) Visits The Garden.

Dear Diary, I read somewhere once that "Every house should have a Teddy Bear in it." I agree with that perfectly, so when I was out in the garden today, I noticed a cute little bird house and I thought I'd just move right in. But there was a problem with that idea...there was a family of Parakeets living in it already. They were very nice about it, and invited me to stay for lunch, but I said, "Thank you, no...not today anyway." I probably would have said "Yes" but I was afraid I wouldn't like bird food very much. I hear they eat seeds and worms! So I went home and had a Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich with some Chocolate Milk. That's a much better lunch for a Teddy Bear. Anyway, it was a fun day! Good-night, Dear Diary. Tiny Ted

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Vera said...

Hello Tiny Ted, I liked your story! Sweet white teddy bear Veronica sends kisses! Greetings from Vienna, Vera