Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Three Pandas And A Friend For Someone Special. Fun Facts.

Here is a nice grouping of four Friends For Someone Special. I sent them as a gift to a friend of mine in Vienna who loves Pandas and watches them all the time at the zoo. If you live long enough, you often hear that Scientists have reversed their decisions about things. When I was little, Pandas were Bears. Later when I was in school we were taught that Pandas weren't really Bears. They were from the Raccoon family. Now, the last few years they're teaching that, no, they were right the first time...Pandas really are Bears. So, now I'm just waiting for the news that the world really is flat. It looks flat to me! It's too bad that we can't always believe everything we are taught in school. (And hopefully, you won't get in a disagreement with someone from a different generation than yours which was taught something that conflicts with what you were taught. You will never be able to convince either side that they may be mistaken. By the way, if you know a newer version of this Panda story and want to let me know about it, please leave me a message where it says "comments" below. Thanks!) *Lovethemsteiff*


Vera said...

This group of bears lives in Vienna now. I was so delighted when they arrived. They are very happy and have got a lot of friends here. They say hi!

By the way, I liked you philosophical discourse about the Giant Panda and the earth very much :-)

As for the Giant Panda: it's all correct what you say :-) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_Panda

Greetings from Vienna,

lovethemsteiff said...

Dear Vera,
Tell the Pandas Hi from me and from the other bears! We're glad they're happy there.

I'm glad you found my observations interesting.

Thank you for letting me know that Wikipedia agrees with my information, and that there's not any new changes in the status of the Pands question!

Take care,

Vera said...

My Pandas wanted to see this lovely picture again - and I was unable to trace it. But i was successful just now thanks to your good advice. Thank you, *Lovethemsteiff*. Hugs, Vera from Vienna