Friday, August 15, 2008

Three Herman Teddy Bears Read The Three Bears.

Here's a family of bears, made of mohair by the German company, Herman. They're reading a bedtime story, and it's their favorite! What is it? Why, The Three Bears, of course. This story is a favorite of mine, also. I was pleased to find four films of the story. One is a Hugh Harmon Cartoon from 1939 (70 years ago.) Running time for the cartoon is 10:46. Then I have a version of the story with Real Bears playing the parts from 1958 (50 years ago), a clay figure version (reminds me of Gumby) and also a modern 3 D version. So four generations are represented. Please look for the links in the blue side bar on the left of this page. Watch them for your bedtime story. I'm going to! *Carol Jean / Lovethemsteiff*

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