Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Theodore Meets The Great Pink Sea Snail.

Dear Diary, Today I had the most thrilling thing happen! As I was walking along the beach I discovered The Great Pink Sea Snail was resting there. He had just been on a long voyage with Doctor Doolittle to Africa and was now on his way home. Along the way he'd made friends with a Pink Flamingo, and she was very friendly to me also. The Sea Snail invited me in for a look inside his shell, and I could see that Doctor Doolittle must have been very comfortable riding along in there. We had a wonderful time, talking about all the faraway places he'd been to. Later in the day, there was a little bit of rain and when the sun came out again, suddenly we saw a beautiful rainbow filling the sky overhead. It took our breaths away. So altogether it was a glorious afternoon. There will never be another day like it. Good-night, Dear Diary. Theodore

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