Sunday, August 17, 2008

Theodore Looks For A Pearl.

Dear Diary, Today I took a walk on the beach and found this beautiful shell. Someone told me that sometimes you can find pearls in shells, so I put my hand inside this shell to see if there were any pearls in it. Not only were there no pearls in the shell, but my hand got stuck and I couldn't get it out! Boy, did I feel silly walking around with that thing on my hand all day! Finally Percy helped me to remove it, laughing the whole time. Was my face red! Then Percy told me that pearls come from oysters and oyster shells, and this was not an oyster! Oh, well, it would have been a nice present for Flocks if I HAD found one. Later I put the shell up to my ear to hear the ocean roar, but instead I thought I heard Flocks calling my name. It won't be long before I go home to be with her again. Good-night, Diary. Theodore

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