Monday, August 04, 2008

Theodore Joins Percy On His Island.

Dear Diary, You'll never guess where I am! I'm visiting my old friend Percy on his Tropical Island. It's ever so nice here and I'm having a great time. Percy is a wonderful host and has let me use the hammock to rest in. I brought along a New Yorker Magazine to read and Percy brought out a tub filled with ice and Cokes. I got some new flip-flops today to walk in because the sand gets so hot in the sun. But right now, we're resting in the shade and enjoying the tropical breezes as they blow. Tonight we're planning a beach party with music and lots of food cooked over a fire. I even remembered to bring the stuff to make Smores! I'm planning to stay for a week if the weather stays nice. I wonder if Flocks is missing me yet? I'm missing her already! I guess I'll find out which is true, "Absence makes the heart grow fonder", or "Out of sight, out of mind!" Until later, Theodore


Vera said...

The teddy bears know how to enjoy life.

Judy aka L@dybug said...

Oh, what fun for the teddies ... I love all your miniature beach paraphernalia! ... Enjoy, Carol. Bear hugs, Judy