Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Theodore Is Made Honorary Island Chief.

Dear Diary, Oh what a party we had on the beach last night. There was music and dancing and food and fun. We ate every kind of tropical fruit spread out on huge banana leaves. And there was plenty of fish for everyone. (You know how bears love to eat fish!) And one of the island girls tried to teach me the native dance. I was a bit clumsy but it was still a lot of fun. Afterward, we made some Smores for everyone. I couldn't believe they'd never heard of Smores down here and had never tasted them. The natives liked the Smores so much they made me honorary Chief and hung a Royal Neclace around my neck They said they would always have Smores from now on and remember Theodore who brought it to them. I'm having a great time. I'll still be here for a few days more, and we have many more fun things planned. I'd better get some sleep now, so Good-night, Dear Diary. Theodore.

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