Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Theodora and Teddy Attend A Wedding In The Rain.

Dear Diary, Today Teddy and I (Theodora) attended the wedding of Lovethemsteiff's nephew. It was an outdoor wedding in the bride's mother's garden with a beautifully decorated gazebo and flowers all around. Unfortunately it began to sprinkle lightly as the weather forecast had predicted, but luckily we had taken along an umbrella. Teddy and I stood in Lovethemsteiff's hand and that way we were able to see everything with no problem. Everyone was dressed beautifully and the Bride was so pretty. I've never seen her smile so much. Almost everyone had tears in their eyes as the ceremony was performed. After the vows were taken, it was time to take photos and the photographer was kept busy, even photographing us, since the family wanted a photo record of everyone who attended the ceremony. While we were waiting for the reception to begin, we watched the children jumping and splashing in the rain puddles. I wondered what their mother's would think when they saw what a mess the children had made of their clothing, but no one seemed to mind. Then it was time to observe the wedding couple cut the wedding cake. It was so nice to watch them beginning their first moments of married life together. There's so much ahead of them. We wish them Good Luck, Good Health and A Long Life Together. With love, Theodora and Teddy

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