Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Theo (A Miniature Steiff Teddy) Goes For A Nature Walk In The Woods.

Dear Diary, Today I, (Theo), and my Cocker Spaniel Clancy took a Nature Walk in the woods by my home. It's good sometimes to get away from things and just be quiet for a while. At first you think you're alone, but then you realize there's a whole little world of activity of creatures that live in these woods. The seasons and colors are beginning to change from summer to fall. You can feel the coolness, and there's a rich, sweet smell in the air. Soon you begin to feel yourself relaxing as you leave your problems far behind. Clancy and I just sat on a log and took everything in, letting it relax our bodies, minds and souls. Sometimes I wish I could stay here in the woods all the time. But we'll come again another day, and see what changes time will bring. Good-night, Dear Diary. -Theo-

(Note: I created the oil painting used as a background in this photo. Lovethemsteiff)

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