Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Steiff's Pink Teddy Total, 100 Years of Teddy Bears

This is my Pink Steiff Bear sitting in the China Rose Bush in the Springtime. The bear is a white tagged limited edition of only 1,500 made. This bear is number 01450 of that edition. The EAN number is 995132. The tag says Steiff Knopf Im OHR (in English means Steiff button in ear, which is the trademark.) Lim. Auflage, 1,500 Stck. Teddyb. 42 Rosenh. 01450 - 2002. Embroidered on one foot are the words Teddy BAR Total 2002, and on the opposite foot is embroidered 100 Jahre Teddybar. (In English this means 100 years of Teddy Bear. The bear was made for a Toy Show, called Teddy Total, and this bear was made exclusively for that show.) There were a few bears left over and this is one of those. This bear is also unusual because it contains a wind up music box which plays "Happy Birthday". She's a lovely bear, isn't she? *Lovethemsteiff*
Here is a poem, author unknown...
"I can't believe it's been so long,
One Hundred Years have come and gone.
But through it all
I have stayed true,
The cuddly bear you always knew."

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