Monday, August 04, 2008

3 1/2 Inch Percy, A 1950's Steiff Teddy, Collects Shells On The Beach.

Hey Diary, Yo, How's it goin'? "Life's a Beach!" around here. I've been hangin' out in this groovy paradise collectin' shells for months now. There's pretty good money in it if you can get the big ones. It's a perfect day today and I have my bucket full already and it's not even noon time yet. I'm just takin' a break here on my hammock and drinkin' a Coke. "Things Go Better With Coke!" Ya know what I mean? I feel sorry for my friends at home workin' the old 9 to 5. I'll bet any one of them would give most anything to trade places with me right now, but that's not goin' ta happen. Gee, the wind's blowin' the palm trees and it's makin' my hammock swing and it's rockin' me to sleep. Maybe I'll take a little snooze for a while. "The bear who knows how to take a break once in a while will live longer," my mother used to say. I believe she's right. So I'll be seein' ya later, Gator. Cheers, Percy

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Vera said...

Thank you, Percy, for sharing your wisdom with us! I appreciate that and agree with you in many points :-)