Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Vintage Teddy Bear Smiley Poses With A Lily.

Here's a sweet little antique teddy bear that I purchased at a Toy Show in Maquoketa, Iowa a couple of years ago. It had been a tiring day and I hadn't found anything that I liked very well when my eyes landed on this little bear and I knew what I'd come to the show to find. He has a sweet kind face with a look of patience and humor. He's made of a silky and soft to the touch mohair. He's joined, he has wooden shoe button eyes and black stitching for his mouth. As we finished viewing the toy show together, I found a small Boyd's bear for a couple of dollars that was wearing this purple velvet corduroy jumper. It fit this old bear perfectly. Then at another booth I found this vintage gold locket for him to wear. He was very happy with that, so I asked him what name he would like to be called and he suggested the name "Smiley". He looked Smiley to me, so I agreed that would be a fine name. Now Smiley spends a lot of his time with the China Head Dolls on my desk. ~Lovethemsteiff~

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