Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Steiff Bear "Brummy" and Raggedy Ann.

This is a favorite Steiff bear of mine I call "Brummy" because of the noise he makes when you tip him over. It's a sort of growling moan, but it sounds friendly. He's 16" tall, and made of Mohair. He has a heart-shaped face that reminds me very much of the Clifford Barryman's cartoon of the original bear in his drawings of President Roosevelt. The EAN number on this bear is 011108. The bear was made in 1992 as can be seen in the Steiff advertisement below. Below that post is a photo of a Pink bear I have of the same style. These two bears are the only ones of this style that I have happened to come across. I believe the style was only in use for a short time, perhaps lacking popularity. I personally find the expression on these two bears to be especially endearing. And his good friend Raggedy Ann thinks so too! *Lovethemsteiff*

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