Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meet Cody, An Early 1900's American Stick Bear.

Sweet Cody was purchased by me a few years ago in LeClaire Iowa while I was on Vacation. LeClaire is situated on the Mississippi River and is famous for being the birth place of Buffalo Bill Cody from the Wild West days. So that's how this bear got his name. He's an early 1900's American Stick Bear. This style of bear is called a Stick Bear because his arms and legs are straight like sticks. His body is shaped like a football and he's made of short Mohair pile fabric and stuffed with straw. When I discovered him in an antique store across the street from the Buffalo Bill Cody Museum, he didn't have any eyes or mouth, just a black twill nose. I replaced his eyes with antique wooden shoe button eyes and restitched his mouth with black thread. I could just see the indentation in his fur where his original mouth had been, so I followed the line of that. He was dusty so I rubbed him down gently with a moist clean white cloth, being careful not to dampen his backing fabric which could weaken it. His paw pads need to be replaced and I will do that soon. I plan to use homespun plaid fabric on his pads to give him extra character. He looks like a new bear with his face restored. All of his charm is expressed by that sweet smile. He's a Flower Child at heart and is shown here admiring some yellow daisies. *Lovethemsteiff*

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