Friday, August 15, 2008

Lovey With His Leg Repaired.

Dear Diary, Today Lovethemsteiff repaired my leg for me. It was an elaborate operation and it took two hours to complete. First glue was applied to my leg and it was allowed to soak in. Then a second coat of glue was applied and fabric was carefully wrapped and formed around my leg. Extra glue was added to seal the seams, and then it was left to dry. I had to lay on my back with my foot up in the air so it would set-up right. Now the cast is nice and hard and it feels wonderful. It's so much nicer than having sawdust escaping from my leg. I feel like I can meet any adventure now. Thank you Lovethemsteiff, for fixing my leg and for seeing the potential in an unwanted bear. Good-night, Dear Diary. Lovey Bear

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