Monday, August 25, 2008

Lovey, A 3 1/2" Vintage Miniature Steiff Bear Moves Into His New Home.

Dear Diary, Today I (Lovey) moved into a new home. Since I came to live with Lovethemsteiff and her Teddy Bear friends, I've been staying with Theo. Today Lovethemsteiff helped me furnish a room with a red velvet couch, pillows that she made, an afghan my mother gave to me, a table, my Grandmother's Bible, a diary, and a window with a view. As we were moving everything into the house, I heard the soft mewing of a kitten and looked around until I found a sweet little white angora kitten hiding beneath my porch. It looked hungry so I decided to take it inside with me and I gave it some chicken soup and milk. She is such a dear little thing, I think I'll call her Sweetie. Then after a while I was surprised when in through my open door, the mother cat came to find her kitten. She was very friendly and made herself at home, so much so, that I'm not sure if I've adopted them or they've adopted me! I think I'll call the mother cat Darlin'. It looks like the three of us will be very comfortable here, and I want to thank Lovethemsteiff for all of her help. Soon I will begin to meet some of the other Bears in the neighborhood and make some new friends. It's a wonderful adventure, and I'm excited about my new life here. I believe tomorrow will be another wonderful day. I'd better get my rest now, so Good-night, Dear Diary. ~Lovey~

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