Monday, August 04, 2008

Lovethemsteiff's Hug Of 12 Of Her Favorite Big Bears.

Maximillian is a 32" Steiff Teddy Bear and the head of the household. In his arms left to right, are Teddy, a 1950's Steiff, Constant O'Malley, a Steiff Classic Bear, Scruffy Bear, by Johanna Haida, and Max, an 18" Margarete Strong Style Steiff. In the front row is a 1950's Steiff, then My Buddy Norman, an artist bear, artist unknown, a little Steiff, Charlie, artist unknown, Quirky, a replica bear from Teddy Bears Of Witney, Saggy Bear, artist unknown, and in his pocket is a 4" Steiff Club bear named Ted. I've been actively collecting Teddy Bears for about 15 years. I started with common toy bears, but one day I bought a Steiff bear at a Toy Show and the world changed for me. There's something about the look in a Steiff bear's face that gets into your soul. They want to become your dearest friend and they often do. I was taking photos in my garden one day and needed a subject and put one of my Teddys in the scene and I was so drawn into the photo that I just wanted to take more and more. As you can see, I have quite a collection of bears now and also quite a collection of photographs of them, and it's my privilege and joy to be able to share them all with you. I hope you enjoy my Web page and getting to know my fabulous bears! And if you have time, please leave us a message. We all like to get mail. Ta Ta for now, Bear Hugs to you all, Lovethemsteiff.

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Vera said...

A lovely collection - and so nicely arranged! Greetings and bear hugs from Vienna (Austria), Vera