Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little Theo, a 3 1/2 inch Vintage Steiff Teddy Bear Meets A Bee...

Dear Diary, This is my First Diary Entry, so I hope I do it right...Today I went for a long walk where the Wild Phlox grows. The colors were so beautiful and the fragrance so sweet, I just had to climb up for a closer look. All around me were Phlox in bloom in a variety of colors. It was so magical. I never want to forget this summer day. As I was enjoying the view, a Big Bumble Bee came by to drink nectar from the flowers and at first he startled me. Then he began to buzz at me and I buzzed right back at him and then he flew away. Whew, that was a close call! I was glad when he didn't come back. Next time I'll take a walk somewhere safer. Good-bye For Now Diary, Your Friend, Theo. PS, Here is a Quote I learned in school...from the Mahabharata. "IN MONTHS OF SUN SO LIVE THAT IN MONTHS OF RAIN THOU SHALT STILL BE HAPPY."

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Lynda (Granny K) said...

Beary Greetings from England! I enjoyed your wonderful webshot pictures so much that I bookmarked them to re-visit and was delighted to see that your bears now have their own blog!
If you click on my name it should take you to my profile and you will be able to visit my blogs from there. Coincidentally, my bears have just started their own blog, called The Friendly Company of Bears. They hope you will visit!