Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here is a charming Vintage Postcard I found from Germany in the 1930's. I wish I knew the story that goes with it. It appears that Teddy, with a fresh bouquet of flowers was on his way to meet his Lady Love when he realized his suit coat had grown a bit snug. It must have shrunk in the couldn't have anything to do with that third helping of Oatmeal and Honey he's just had for his breakfast. It was a good thing the Tailor Gnome was Home and he was not a Roaming Gnome! A few quick stitches and a let out seam, and Friend Bear was off to see his Lady Love. Oops, he forgot to take his flowers with him! Oh, well, I'm sure she'll be glad to see him anyway!

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Vera said...

Hi Carol, this is a nice card and you created a very lovely story for it! By the way: The wording the card reads "The New Jacket" (Rockchen is a diminutive form of "Rock" which is an obsolete term for Jacket). And imagine: I have a similar card, written in 1939, where there is the yellow teddy bear carrying a bouquet and a basket, obviously gifts, trespassing a rocky bridge. I'll send you the card, maybe you could write another story! Love and thanks for the wonderful blog, Vera