Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Fun Facts About Teddy Bears

"Arctophily is the name that has been given to the fascinating hobby of collecting Teddy Bears, while Arctophile describes the avid collector. The term, literally meaning love of, or friend of, bears, comes from the Greek words Arktos, bear, and Philos, friend.

As with groups of animals, a collection of Teddy Bears now also has it's own specific name: a Hug, or a Hug of Bears. This descriptive word originates from the late British actor Peter Bull, a keen arctophile and author of Bear With Me and The Teddy Bear Book, two titles which, in 1969, sparked off a revival in Teddy Bear interest." taken from the book, Collectible Teddy Bears. These books were followed by A Hug Of Teddy Bears, in 1984. Sadly, this was his last book. Peter died only a few months before it's publication, in May 1984.

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