Monday, August 11, 2008

Flocks, A Vintage Miniature Steiff Bear, Visits Theodora In Her Garden.

Dearest Diary, Today I visited my good friend and neighbor, Theodora, in her fantastic garden. It's full of blooms and scents and colors and it's like candy to my senses to go there. It's so peaceful and quiet, and yet you know that it's not still. Every little flower is opening and growing and swaying in the wind. You can feel how alive they are, almost like the flowers in Walt Disney's Alice In Wonderland, when the flowers talked to Alice. Some were friendly and some were snooty and all were beautiful. I'll never forget how when I saw that movie as a child, I believed every bit of it, and when you visit Theodora's garden you believe it again. The flowers are real. I can't wait to visit there again. Good-night, Dearest Diary. *Flocks*


lovethemsteiff said...

Boo, I hope you know that this is for you! Love ya, Me

Arikbo said...

Aw, Flocks how sweet! That is the most wonderful compliment and coming from you, the person who got me into flower gardening. Thank you!

It brings tears to my eyes though to see my Japanese Maple that now only has one branch left. Very cute picture!!