Monday, August 04, 2008

A List Of Some Of My Favorite Teddy Bear Books

A Hug Of Teddy Bears by Peter Bull - 1984

Peter Bull's Book Of Teddy Bears, by Peter Bull - 1977

Bear With Me, by Peter Bull

The Winnie-The-Pooh Books by A. A. Milne, decorations by Ernest Shepard

Teddy Bear Stories For Grown-Ups, compiled by Catherine Taylor - 1994

The Secret Lives Of Teddy Bears by Rosalie Upton

The Ophelia Books, by Michele Durkson Clise

Teddy Bears by Mirja De Vries - 1998

Teddy's World by Mirja De Vries - 2002

Teddy Bears, An Anthology Of Verse And Prose - 1995

Collectible Teddy Bears - 1993

Country Living, Country Bears - 1991

The Three Bears, traditional children's story.

Teddy Bear & Steiff Animals, A Full Color Identification & Value Guide, by Margaret Fox Mandel


Vera said...

I love the books by Peter Bull, too. He was such a nice person. And I like the atmospheric picture where the stone angel hold a miniature teddy bear. A great blog, dear Carol!

Vera said...

Teddy's World is a wonderful book, too! If you feel down, just open it wherever you want and you will get a smile. For example: four little plush Panda Bears going a world trip meet a real Giant Panda. They say:
"For us little pandas,
finally finding a live bear
in black and white
dispelled our fears
of not fitting in."
This is somehow comforting, isn't it!

lovethemsteiff said...

Yes, Vera, that's very comforting, and I agree, Teddy's World is also a wonderful book.

Brent said...

Does anyone remember a vintage children's book with photo illustrations of a stuffed bear acting out the story? I'm 40 years old, and I read it as a kid, so that should date it! It's driving me nuts because I can't remember the story or the title but can remember the photos so clearly