Saturday, August 30, 2008

Baby Bear (A Tiny 3 Inch Vintage Steiff Teddy Bear) Walks In The Woods.

dEAR dIARY, TODAY I (BaBy BEAr) wenT for a Walk in the wOODs, when I reALiZed I was LOST! i lOOKED aROUND AND didn't know WHat to DO. Then i heaRD a noISe coMing from the woodS nearby and i was goiNG to RUN but thEN a liTTle DEer put his heAD out from THe fErns and tolD Me not to be afRaid. HE let me waLk uP and pET him, ANd he waS very NIce. I waSN't frighTened At alL. TheN he oFfereD tO taKe Me homE On his baCK so i leT him, BecauSe i waS tiRed bY that tiMe. NeXt tiMe I'll taKe a FrieNd wiTh me sO i don'T get Lost aGain. Bye, BAby bEar

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