Friday, August 15, 2008

3 1/2 Inch Lovey Bear Finds A New Home.

Dear Diary, Things have been happening so fast. I've spent years in a drawer after a cat nibbled on my leg, and no one remembered I was there. Then last week I was discovered and placed outside on a table with other toys and sold at a yard sale. How undignified! Then, the lady who bought me didn't want me either. She'd just bought me to sell on Ebay to try to make some money. She had her doubts that anyone would want me, because of my injury. I wasn't too sure myself. Then Lovethemsteiff won me at the auction and I was put in a box and mailed across the country. The first thing she did when she took me out of the box was kiss me and tell me she would call me Lovey Bear because I was so sweet. Then we went outside and she took pictures of me climbing the tree. The next day she started this blog and put my photo in the place of honor. I feel like a star! I'm so glad I came to live here. I just know I'm going to like it. Good-night, Dear Diary. Lovey Bear

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