Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The 1910 Miniature Steiff Teddy Bear Flocks Hides In The Phlox.

Dearest Diary, Today was such a beautiful day. There was a little breeze, and the sunbeams peeking through the leaves of the trees seemed to dance upon the grass. I wanted to dance with them. The birds and I sang a little tune as I worked in my flower beds, and I was overcome by the beauty of the Old Fashioned Phlox that my Grandmother had given to me many years ago. I felt I needed to bury myself in it's color and scent so I climbed up into the flower. I could see the whole garden from up there. A gentle breeze swayed the flower and soon I felt myself being rocked to sleep, so I just let myself take a small nap right there for a few moments. It was so peaceful. Maybe tomorrow I'll do the same thing again. Good-night, Dearest Diary. *Flocks*

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