Sunday, August 03, 2008

18 Vintage Miniature Steiff Teddies Gather For A Family Reunion In A Reproduction Bliss Doll's House.

Dear Diary, Today was Sunday and I, Theodore, my girlfriend Flocks and her friend Theodora in the back seat took a drive in my new 1910 Ford Touring Car. We drove up the Mississippi River to Illinois to visit my relatives. I haven't been home for a while and it was a surprise how the family had grown. There were 18 of us together today and it was swell! My family was glad to meet Flocks and hints were made about whether there may be a wedding soon! We laughed at this, but they don't know that I've been thinking of that very thing quite often lately. Flocks is a bit older than me. I'm from the 1940's, and Flocks is a 1910 Steiff bear, but I don't consider the age difference as important when two bears love each other as much as we do. I think we were made for each other. I will dream sweet dreams of her tonight. Good-night, Dear Diary. Love, Theodore.


Vera said...

I like Theodore's thoughts! I hope he will ask Flocks soon and that she will accept! What a wonderful couple they will make! Greetings from a fan in Vienna (Austria), Vera

Vera said...

What an adorable picture of the Family Reunion! 18 hugs, Vera (from Vienna, Austria)